8 week new year challenge

8 week new year challenge


This 8 week challenge has been specifically designed to support and educate you in the correct way to gain lean muscle mass and overall strength while also trimming body fat.

*this option does not include additional coaching

What the program consists of:


* 8 weeks of detailed training (suitable for all fitness levels) 

*Home and Gym versions available

*four 2-week training blocks with a large variety of rep schemes, dropsets and time under tension to optimize your training.

* Education on various points of training

* Learn about the importance of warming up and active recovery.

* video demonstrations of proper form and technique for every exercise *new user friendly format


* What are macro nutrients and how to break them down 

* Easy to follow calculations to determine your own macronutrients and how to best apply them for your personal lifestyle.

* Meal prep guidelines and menu (this time we partnered with a chef to bring more fun but very simple meal ideas)


* Private IG page for challenge participants 

* Weekly live check ins every Sunday

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