4 week holiday challenge

4 week holiday challenge

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*21 day endurance challenge comes FREE ($15 savings)

•Home & gym version

•5 days a week


M: glutes, hamstring & abs

T: quads & shoulders

W: chest, triceps & abs

Th: back & bis

F: machine leg day & abs

S: hit cardio (optional) & active recovery

Su: rest & stretch


•educational step by step verbal and video cues for “heavy lifts”

-sumo deadlift

-conventional deadlift

-hip thrust

-back squat


•exercise video demonstrations with written cues and modifications

*stretch and recovery guide

•steady state and HITT cardio routines


•easy & simple to follow

•Learn and understand the basics of your personal macros

•follow my personal meal plan but fit it to your macro numbers

•your numbers can be tailored to lose weight, maintain or gain weight

•vegetarian substitutions

equipment needed

gym version: dumbbells, leg press, smith machine, cable machine, barbell

home version: dumbbells, resistance bands, closed loop resistance bands

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